Welcome to the Wormhole, a website created by Katherine (Kathie) Courtney to publish material that I find of interest. Why the Wormhole? Two reasons: I'm a librarian and have considered myself a bookworm my entire life. I also have a great interest in science fiction, hence, "Wormhole."

For nearly 30 years, I have been the Audiovisual Librarian at Louisville Public Library in Louisville, Ohio where I select, process, catalog and maintain a mid-sized collection of compact discs, films and artprints. And yes, I can remember the days of 16mm film! Some changes are for the good. Even though my professional concentration is in non-print material and I have joked that "I don't DO books," I still am a very avid reader and collector of books. Just ask my husband, Scott Courtney, who has had to move my book collection at least twice.

mil-just As you can see from the menu for this website, Scott and I do have many interests. We enjoy photography, films, science fiction fandom, filk music, and most especially our longtime membership in the Society for Creative Anachronism, a medieval re-creation group that studies the history and culture of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. In the Society, I am the Honorable Lady Milica of Varna, Chronicler for the Barony of Brendoken and charter member of the Marche of Alderford. Scott is Maistor Iustinos Tekton called Justin, who currently serves the Society as Chief Technical Officer of the SCA, Inc. We are very active in our local group and in our household, Erevnite Asteron. One of the highlights of our year is always the Pennsic War, a 2-week-long medieval campout we share with 10,000+ of our closest friends.

Scott and I are also the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of SCAtoday.net, a newswire dedicated to news for and about members of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), historians and re-enactors throughout the world. We cover activities and events for the 19 Kingdoms of the SCA as well as news of historical interest within our period of study. SCAtoday.net is a very rewarding endeavor and one that has given me a great deal of pleasure since we started up in August of 2002.

At home, we share our house with five - yes FIVE - cats, all male and all some combination of black and white. There's Data, the senior cat by six years, a black and white "cow cat" who chirps; Phantom, a huge, fluffy data Norwegian Forest Cat who would much rather be praised for his beauty than petted; Dilbert, a sleek, black beauty, once known as "Little Critter" and now a vocally-demanding lap-sitter; Spock, another black and white spotted wonder, who was rescued from a flood by the local Humane Society before adoption by us; and Zathras, the baby, a chunky, ball of black fur, also known as Chubb-Chubb or Curling Stone, who is rapidly becoming the brains of the gang. Scary.

Scott and I are very politically active and vocally progressive. During the fiasco of the 2004 presidential election, we sat in the rain in an attempt to make sure that voters in our Ohio district could exercise their rights. We were successful, only to have the election stolen by those with far better funding than we had. The world is in a sorry state due to the actions of a few, very rich people, and Americans are in dire danger of losing all their Constitutional rights.

Take a stand! Make a difference! Enough is enough!

Vote Democratic!


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