In 1986, I attended my first World Science Fiction Con in Atlanta, GA, with my friends Sandi and Jeanne. While I had been "doing" conventions for a number of years, I'd never been to one of that size. Needless to say, I loved it. At the time, Jeanne, my roommate, and I were deeply into media fandom and were consummate devotees of Doctor Who, Robin Hood, Star Trek, and Beauty and the Beast. (Am I dating myself?) This was in the days before Star Trek, Babylon 5 and other series books that are available now were on the market. The only writing out there that was not reprints of programs was in the form of fanzines.

At Confederation in Atlanta, I was introduced to my first fanzines, including K/S, by the way. (Sandi, I'll NEVER forgive you for losing that luscious piece of trash in the bathroom. Friends out there, if you found a luscious piece of trash in the bathroom at Confederation, please return it to me!) Some of the writing was super, some was not bad, and some... well, dreadful would be a kind description. I thought, "Wow, I can do better than this!" and tried my hand at it. For several years, I submitted stories to Osiris Press in Chicago and had pretty good luck with getting published. (Thank you Joy!) I'll reprint some of the stories here and hope you enjoy them. The originals had spiffy artwork, so you might want to look for them in boxes at cons. Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I've enjoyed writing them.

Since that time, I've gotten out of fan writing. (Is there fan writing anymore?) In fact, since I've gotten married, I haven't done much writing at all. Maybe someday I'll get the bug and pick up work on the science fiction novel I began 15 years ago.