The Society for Creative Anachronism was created over 40 years ago in Berkeley, California when a group of friends decided that bringing back some of the chivalry and nobility of the Middle Ages was a "right and proper" thing to do. The rest is history...

Scott and I have been involved in the SCA for almost 15 years. What began as a casual fun thing to do once a year (Pennsic) has grown into a way of life for us, especially since we were founding members of the Marche of Alderford, the local chapter in Canton, Ohio. That was in 1994! How time flies.

Since then, we've both been very active as officers on the local, baronial, regional, kingdom and society levels. (It's amazing how many computers and cell phones it takes to recreate the Middle Ages!) Scott, as Maistor Iustinos Tekton called Justin, has served as seneschal on several levels, web minster and web deputy, War Chirurgeon for the Pennsic War and most recently as Chief Technical Officer for the SCA, Inc. As the Honorable Lady Milica of Varna, I've served as seneschal and demo coordinator for Alderford and as Chronicler on a number of levels including two years as Chronicler for the Middle Kingdom. The service end of the SCA is very rewarding and will probably be the area where we are most active.

One of the things that I enjoy most about being in the SCA is having the opportunity to take photos of activities that most people don't even realize exist. Let's face it, an organization that is committed to studying and recreating the many aspects of a bygone era is a colorful photo op if ever there was one. This interest is reflected in many of our photo albums.

While Scott and I are very active in the SCA year round, the highlight of our year has to be the Pennsic War, a two-week long encampment which is the SCA's largest event. Up to 13,000 people gather at Cooper's Lake Campground near Slippery Rock, PA to hold unchoreographed battles, take classes, cook over the open fire, perform period songs, tell stories and... well... have a blast. We've been attending the War since 1991 (Scott) and 1992 (Kathie) and it's one of the things that we most enjoy each year.

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