For over fifteen years, my husband Scott and I have been involved in the Society for Creative Anachronism, a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to the study and re-creation of life in the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

As the Honorable Lady Milica of Varna, I have been active with the Marche of Alderford, our local chapter, of which I was a founding member, the Barony of Brendoken and the Middle Kingdom. While my primary interest has been to serve as group Chronicler (newsletter editor) for Alderford, Brendoken, the Oaken Region and the Middle Kingdom, I have also served as Seneschal (president) of Alderford and as coordinated for several group events. Scott and I also publish (, a newswire that covers news of interest to members of the Society or reenactors of various historical time periods.

My SCA persona, Milica of Varna, is an 11th century Byzantine merchant who travels with her husband, Maistor Justinos Tekton (Scott Courtney).

The SCA is a great hobby. I would encourage anyone interested in the Middle Ages or Renaissance to take a look at the links below, or to contact me for more information.


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