In the years that I have been an Audio Visual librarian, one of the most frequently asked questions in my department has been "Do you have any wedding music?"


To many people, the selection of music for their weddings is extremely daunting. Most titles given to them by their organists are unfamiliar and often not even in English. Other couples have chosen to create a specific mood for their weddings or commitment ceremonies or to use recorded music for home or outdoor weddings. The producers of compact discs have made my job much easier in the past few years by providing collections of wedding music, but these are not the whole story. Some truly beautiful recordings are not included in the collections. Others are found in such diverse categories as Christmas, jazz, folk popular or religious. The following pages provide a few titles that I have used with patrons over the years. They are ones that I have at my library and are not by far a comprehensive list of available music. Consider this a starting point for your own exploration.

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